Red thing on green grass

Posted by ursulakatariina (Ed, Sweden) on 10 April 2012 in Plant & Nature.

Life s full of mysteries... Is this a red poo or something? Looks like somekind of berries stuck together. Have seen many of these lately in the fields of Leixlip.

Nice to see you! I hope you enjoy seeing what I saw earlier.
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I got a colour spotlight, see it here.

Please read this.

Richard from Ellemford, United Kingdom

I've no idea as to what it is, but it's a beautiful colour!

10 Apr 2012 6:54am

@Richard: It is really nice red. :)

Sally from Glasgow, United Kingdom

chickens go a bit nuts for red

10 Apr 2012 9:23am

@Sally: Interesting, do they attack when they see red?

Oiva from Turku, Finland

It is that time of a strange plant, nice picture, beautiful colors!:))Haleja.

10 Apr 2012 12:54pm

@Oiva: It is strange, but as Mr. Elliot tells in his comment - it's puke, not a plant. :)

Jypyä Pop from Turku, Finland

Life is full of strange questions, to which it is difficult to find the answer. It is your estimate will be the final product may not be entirely wrong. This is interesting to investigate and in particular to guess.

10 Apr 2012 1:50pm

@Jypyä Pop: Oh yes, life would be so boring if there weren't these odd things lying around!

Soheil from Tehran, Iran

nice shot
well done

10 Apr 2012 3:07pm

@Soheil: Thank you!

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Not red poo, but red puke(Kinda!) Owls in particular will eat food and then eject the inedible parts (Feathers, bones, hard seeds) in a pellet from their mouth. The unusual thing here is that some of the red flesh has been ejected as well, normally it would have been dissolved in the birds stomach acid.

10 Apr 2012 5:11pm

@CElliottUK: Why didn't I think of owls and their puke? Maybe cause last time I heard about it was when I was around 10 years old and that was very long time ago. :)
I might have to go back and take a closer look to one of these if the rain ever stops and there is even one left in the field - I want to see if there are bones hidden in there!
Thank you!

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

I would go with celiotec, he's the guy you want in your quiiz team.

10 Apr 2012 8:55pm

@The Mouse: Yeah, he seems to know everything!

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Wow :-) These look like berries.....I hope :-) Cool shot, Ursulakatariina!!

10 Apr 2012 9:03pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Thank you, Denny :) !

Sally from Glasgow, United Kingdom

they are attracted to red and will peck it. they will go for another hen if it's bleeding so if one has an injury, you need to put gentian violet on any wound to cover up the blood. it has been known for a flock of hens to peck an injured one to death. bet celiotec didn't know that!

10 Apr 2012 9:18pm

@Sally: Wow, again I learned something new!
I hope Mr. Elliott tells us if he knew that or not...

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Bet he did

10 Apr 2012 9:29pm

@The Mouse: I hope he'll tell us if he knew that or not... :)

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Nope never knew that!!!! Another one for my bank of completely useless information!!

11 Apr 2012 9:59am

@CElliottUK: Isn't it great what one can learn from Aminus3? :D

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
1/160 second
ISO 100
5 mm


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