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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on The toy
No, you don't want them to eat small parts.

L'Angevine on The toy

Ruthiebear on The toy
I love the bright color!

Devi on The toy
the shadow is alarming !!!

Oiva on The toy
Good-looking, but if it is dangerous, good you do not give it any more cats.:-))))Haleja. happy days and week for all ...

Oiva on The shield of a toy
Nice if you can get it repaired again, so the boys get to play with it :-)))) Haleja.

Jypyä Pop on The toy
A good decision. Whisk is better than a toy.

B. Thomas on The shield of a toy
Yikes, I was thinking the same a Phil. I wouldn't want a big purple bug in my house, but the cats would love it.

Philnz on The shield of a toy
Would not want to find it in my house.

Ruthiebear on The shield of a toy
A purple beetle! It looks too cute to play with!

Devi on The shield of a toy
Aw!! A bug !!!!!!! Lovely capture... and.. Thank God it is not a spider !

L'Angevine on The legs of a toy
bon travail et recherche

Jypyä Pop on The shield of a toy
No doubt, it's certainly been interesting for those boys. It is otherwise a boy child style, that all, where is ...

Philnz on The legs of a toy
Photo lacks body.

B. Thomas on The legs of a toy
Strange toy.

Oiva on The legs of a toy
Was it something I have to break a toy nyyyyyyyh:-))))Haleja. Happy weekend to you all.

Ruthiebear on The legs of a toy
Kind of spooky looking!

L'Angevine on Inside of a toy

Dimitrios on The legs of a toy

beach on The legs of a toy
Makes an interesting subject

Devi on The legs of a toy
hmmm..this should move fast !

Jypyä Pop on The legs of a toy

Philnz on No more cooking cats
I have never seen anything like it. I would just turn the stove off at the wall.

Philnz on Inside of a toy
Did the cat brake it ?

B. Thomas on Inside of a toy
Well, who knew what the insides looked like?!

Ruthiebear on Inside of a toy
Very complicated looking!

Robert D. Burr on No more cooking cats
An interesting safety device

L'Angevine on No more cooking cats

Jypyä Pop on Inside of a toy
Okay, now I know that. Great

Brockaly on Inside of a toy
Ok I need one, catnip no longer works and I cant feed her all day.

Ronnie 2¢ on Inside of a toy
. . and there was me thinking it was a powered shoe !

Devi on Inside of a toy
Ah !! The vicera of a mouse :))

Ruthiebear on No more cooking cats
I like your solution. It is very attractive looking. I am guessing Punkku is not happy!

L'Angevine on White
beau blanc

Devi on White
fantastic image !!!How real this looks !! Amazing shot !

B. Thomas on No more cooking cats
Oh, I see that you did. Yes, we always put a pot of cold water on the burner too, but as Mike turned around with the ...

Jeff & Pat on No more cooking cats
Far be it for me to call Punkku names, but "pain in the ass" comes to mind, sorry that's three words . ...

B. Thomas on No more cooking cats
Great idea. Did you see my comment on your photo yesterday?

Devi on No more cooking cats
That's it safe !! Looks very nice too!

Jypyä Pop on No more cooking cats
I think that's a good place equipment where there is rapid Feet. Now Punkku wretch then gets frustrated.

Philnz on White
Lovely use of light.

B. Thomas on White
Nice idea. A sad story for you - Sunday when Mike turned away for just a second, Rocky made a surprise jump onto the ...

Ruthiebear on White
SImple but beautiful contrast

Robert D. Burr on White
A lovely white on white study

Claudiel on White
A great picture. Nice shot

Dimitrios on White
mmmmm I LIKE it.

Olivier P on White
Nicely graphic ! Well done !

rbassin on White
Original, c'est bien fait.

L'Angevine on A year ago

Jypyä Pop on White
A great snacking cat.

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