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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Line of flowers

Ruthiebear on Line of flowers
Lovely focus and flowers

Devi on Line of flowers
lovely capture of these blossoms !

Dimitrios on Line of flowers

Ronnie 2¢ on Line of flowers
They look ready to parade !

Jypyä Pop on Line of flowers
Theyu are very interesting and beautiful

Existence Artistique on This way!

Ruthiebear on This way!
He looks intimidating. Better follow his lead!

Dimitrios on This way!

Devi on This way!
Aw he seems very cross !!!!!Lovely capture :)

MEC on This way!
The look says it all !! A good tour.

Luca Bobbiesi on This way!
wow great work!

Jypyä Pop on This way!
Right Pena. Keep your way, because the cat always has a strong personality. Leevi believes so strictly.

MEC on Headless couple
Will they be ashamed? But the scenery is beautiful !!

Existence Artistique on Headless couple

B. Thomas on Headless couple
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Ruthiebear on Headless couple
HAHA! Happy ST

Eye for Beauty on "did I really need to wake up for this?"

Jypyä Pop on Headless couple
So it's going to be a wet lunch

Eye for Beauty on Enjoying the sun
beautiful shot! beautiful colors

Devi on Sign of summer
vry beautiful flowers..The closeup of the flowers looks lovely :)

Devi on Headless couple
:))))))))))))))))))))) May be rather shy :))) Love this image and the beautiful flowers in the foreground :)

Eye for Beauty on Pretty little thing

Existence Artistique on Sign of summer

B. Thomas on Sign of summer
Lovely. This is a little like our Texas bluebonnet flowers.

Ruthiebear on Sign of summer
Beautiful light an color in this close up

Existence Artistique on "did I really need to wake up for this?"
adorable avec ses yeux

Jypyä Pop on "did I really need to wake up for this?"
Sometimes just so wonderful things happen, says Leevi

Ruthiebear on "did I really need to wake up for this?"
He is adorable even when still sleepy!

MEC on Enjoying the sun
Beautiful cat!!!

Devi on "did I really need to wake up for this?"
Aw!! Looks so cute :))))))))))))))))))What a lovely look he gives !I have captures a few " cat shots " Ursula ...

Ronnie 2¢ on "did I really need to wake up for this?"
What a lovely moment - the look says it all !

B. Thomas on Enjoying the sun
Beautiful cat! He looks like he and my boys could be related. Maybe they are distant cousins. ;-)

Jeff & Pat on Enjoying the sun
Tyger Tyger Burning bright ........

Jypyä Pop on Enjoying the sun
That is suitable job to cat.

omid on Enjoying the sun
:) such beautiful composition, colors, lights & shadows! Lovely!

ARIKA on Enjoying the sun
Lovely cat!!

Ruthiebear on Enjoying the sun
Love the warm and dappled light

Existence Artistique on Enjoying the sun

Denny Jump on Pretty little thing
WOW!! What a beautiful snail ,,, I Love it ;-)

MEC on Pretty little thing
Oh! What beautiful colors he has in his shell.

Existence Artistique on Pretty little thing
belles couleurs

B. Thomas on Pretty little thing
I have never seen one with so many colors.

Ruthiebear on Pretty little thing
WHat incredible colors on the shell. Lovely image

Jypyä Pop on Pretty little thing
Very pretty. Sport-colors, I will say.

Denny Jump on Little beauty
On my Mac Lap Top, the color is a very pretty light blue/purple ...kind of blended.... A Beautiful flower ;-)

B. Thomas on Little beauty
Wonderful purple flower.

Ruthiebear on Little beauty
I have a big imac but the color does not pop. Perhaps up the saturation? It is a pretty close up though.

Jypyä Pop on Little beauty
Beautiful flower

Jypyä Pop on Bright colours
Everything, like this belongs to this time. This is best time of year

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