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Black woodpecker
26 October 2014

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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Devi on Another handsome profile
Aw!! This one is so sweet... Lovely details:)

Dimitrios on Another handsome profile
very serious! lol lol lol, no I cannot stop hahahahahahahahahaa

L'Angevine on Give us a kiss will you?
oh marrant

Oiva on Another handsome profile
Stunning picture, Sheep is a good pose for! It is a proud looking!:-))))Haleja. Happy Wednesday,you and Pena

Jypyä Pop on Another handsome profile
It thinks something really profound or it is just about to fall asleep.

Philnz on Give us a kiss will you?
Somehow I think I would rather kiss your face than that one. Happy Silly Tuesday

Denny Jump Photo on Give us a kiss will you?
Oh Kiss Me My Darling!!!

Ruthiebear on Give us a kiss will you?
Happy ST! This made me happy

B. Thomas on Give us a kiss will you?
Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-) Made me smile.

Robert D. Burr on Give us a kiss will you?
Nice...but no.

Devi on Give us a kiss will you?
Ha ha ha Happy S T :)

Oiva on Give us a kiss will you?
Hahaa really nice picture, is suitable for the day's theme well!:-))))Haleja. Happy ST,you and Pena!

Dimitrios on Give us a kiss will you?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you made me laugh THANKS

L'Angevine on Handsome profile

Jypyä Pop on Give us a kiss will you?
I do not know, these are our first date ... but ok, lets go .... Happy ST to you too

Philnz on Handsome profile
Very Handsome indeed.

Jeff & Pat on Handsome profile
He knows he's good looking, lovely shot Uk....By the way, 25327211 on the ear tag happens to be the telephone no ...

Denny Jump Photo on Handsome profile
HEY!! I didn't guve permission to have this picture of me posted!! :-) Love this one, Urslakatariina :-)

Ruthiebear on Handsome profile
Beautiful light on this cute close up

Devi on Handsome profile
wow ! Handsome...but for that tag, as Jypya puts it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Jypyä Pop on Handsome profile
I agree, but those earrings...

Dimitrios on Handsome profile
7045 looks cool*

Oiva on Handsome profile
Wow exquisite portrait, it is really handsome animal! :-))))Haleja. happy new week ,you and Pena!

Denny Jump Photo on Yawn...
This is fantastic, Ursulakatariina! I Love this :-)

L'Angevine on Yawn...

Jeff & Pat on Yawn...
A great grab shot Uk, love it....

Ruthiebear on Yawn...
The red beak and legs are captivating! Lovely image

Oiva on Yawn...
A nice picture, Tern is a beautiful bird! :-))))Haleja. Happy Friday, for you and Pena!

Jypyä Pop on Yawn...
It seems that the tern wants to tell something to his friend, who is somewhere further away. Great colors.

Devi on Yawn...
Aw!!!! What a cute capture !!! Love this Ursula:) Have a lovely weekend:)

Dimitrios on Yawn...
LOVE IT have a great weekend UK

L'Angevine on Big bird

Ruthiebear on Big bird
A zebra bird!!!! Happy ST!

Jeff & Pat on Big bird
Great capture, it's the almost extinct Barcode Bog Dipper . ;>))

B. Thomas on Big bird
Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

Devi on Big bird
Oh My God !!! A zebra disguised as a Bird!!! Fantastic capture !!!

beach on Big bird
Never seen anything like this fellow. A floating zebra.

Dimitrios on Big bird
great art, superb idea

Oiva on Big bird
A nice picture, it's pretty special in color! :-)))) Haleja. Happy ST, you and the Pena!

Jypyä Pop on Big bird
Nice-looking sport-colored bird.

Devi on Sleeping cat
This is a superb B&W.....

L'Angevine on Sleeping cat
superbe cet effet

Philnz on Sleeping cat
Cats spend 99% of their time sleeping.

The Mouse on Sleeping cat
Nice work, they are so photogenic.

Uistnomad on Sleeping cat
Nice photo

Oiva on Sleeping cat
Beautiful and gorgeous black and white photo of Pena!:-))))Haleja. Happy evening,you and Pena!

Ruthiebear on Sleeping cat
I like the drama of the B&W

Dimitrios on Sleeping cat
moody approach*

Denny Jump Photo on Sleeping cat
Oh I Love this one :-)

Martine Libouton on Sleeping cat
Un superbe photo et un superbe B&W

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