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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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20 August 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Devi on Two white wagtails
Yes...what a wonderful place for a nice chat!!! Beautiful image here :)

Kent on Two white wagtails
Great capture

Jypyä Pop on Two white wagtails
Look a little summery.

Ruthiebear on White Wagtail
Beautiful light and a sweet bird. I love bird images!

Devi on White Wagtail
I love this wagtail too Ursula....A brilliant capture under the glowing sun :))))

Jypyä Pop on White Wagtail
So, summer is soon, I think

Ruthiebear on Spring flower 2
Stunning against that beautiful blue sky!

Patrick M. on Spring flower 2
Very beautiful daffodils, the sun is in our hearts

Oiva on Spring flower 2
Great beautiful picture, of spring yellow flowers makes a person feel good!:-))Haleja. Happy Wednesday evening ,for ...

Devi on Spring flower 2
Beautiful golden that a daffodil ? The image is lovely !!!

Moridi on Spring flower 2
Wonderful shot.

Jypyä Pop on Spring flower 2
Fine sunny view

Ruthiebear on Going somewhere?
A worrisome image with those glowing blue eyes. I think no good can come from this! Happy ST!

Devi on Going somewhere?
I am concerned for these little kids ...Hope the battery of Frank collapse:))))))))))))))))))))

Oiva on Going somewhere?
Good thing that you now have a nanny for boys, they really need it!:-)))))))))))))Haleja. happy ST,for both of you! ...

Jypyä Pop on Going somewhere?
Ok guys, now only towards the world. The best time is when the moon is full and restaurants just closed.

Oiva on Spring flower
Very beautiful, i like yellow flower!:-))Haleja. Happy new week, for both of you! mutsi

Manuel Hompanera on Spring flower
Que preciosidad,un trabajo muy correcto.Saludos.

Ruthiebear on Spring flower
Beautiful close up - color really pops

Moridi on Spring flower
Very beautiful. Wonderful.

Devi on Spring flower
Lovely golden image !!! ...and Ursula said to the plant "Spring Flower! " The flower did and ...

Dimitrios on Spring flower
mmmm glorious

L'angevine on Islanders Market
intéressante animation

HBHG on Spring flower
Very beautiful. Wonderful.

Jypyä Pop on Spring flower
So sunny, so sunny

Ruthiebear on Islanders Market
Nice image of local life. It seems everyone is happy to be outdoors again.

Dimitrios on Islanders Market
very lively***

L'angevine on Fire hydrant
le t me donne envie de traiter....

Oiva on Islanders Market
Nice picture, we were there, why did not you call, we had been able to meet you!????:-))Haleja. Happy Palm Sunday,for ...

Jypyä Pop on Islanders Market
It was then a cheap travel market. It turned out there are other acquaintances. And the money saved when nothing is ...

Devi on Islanders Market
A very interesting looking market.. Nice to see that you had a good time shopping.... Have a great Sunday :)))

omid on Fire hydrant
wooow! very nice shot with beautiful frame, colors, lighting & shadows!

Ruthiebear on Fire hydrant
This is an odd color hydrant from near me. You have composed your shot b beautifully.

Devi on Fire hydrant
This is looks a very simple and uncomplicated one one!! Very neat shot:)

L'angevine on Four little birds
bon duo

Kent on Fire hydrant
Great plc

Oiva on Fire hydrant
It is good that the water may be taken when you need it!:-))Haleja. Happy Weekend ,for both of you! mutsi

rem_la on Fire hydrant
superbe composition

Jypyä Pop on Fire hydrant
Important thing.

Ruthiebear on Four little birds
Yes two are trying to hide! Lovely capture!

Devi on Four little birds
And two are out in the open!!! Lovely image!!!!

Oiva on Four little birds
Cute birds :-))Haleja. Happy Friday to you both! mutsi

Jypyä Pop on Four little birds
Goosander the male head appear black, but here we see that it is not.

Devi on The same lake couple of days later
I love this a lot more...So much calm and serenity here...Like a poem :)))

Jypyä Pop on The same lake couple of days later
Colors in the image can see that the summer is yet to come.

Ruthiebear on The same lake couple of days later
I like the light and the peaceful atmosphere

L'angevine on Morning by a lake
belle couleur

Oiva on Morning by a lake
Beautiful and serene view, a fine morning!:-))Haleja. Happy Wednesday evening,for both of you! mutsi

Ruthiebear on Morning by a lake
Gorgeous - I love the perfect reflection and the lovely colors

Devi on Morning by a lake
Wonderful image...Great framing and lovely feel :)

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