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Black woodpecker
26 October 2014

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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on First shower
HAHA! He looks kind of cute but funny in this pose. I hope he wins!

L'angevine on Prisoner
oh adorable

Paleblue Photography on First shower
Great cat shot!

Denny Jump Photo on First shower
I wish our Cali enjoyed a shower....This is great - GOOD LUCK Ursulakatariina!!

Jypyä Pop on First shower
Sorry, of course I must say HIS sister.

Jypyä Pop on First shower
Did you successfully wash the cat yourself, or did you get Tyyppi. I wish Punkku success and joyful reunion with her ...

Oiva on First shower
Was it difficult to wash the shower? Nice photo, Punkku is a lot of work to get a for coat order !! Good luck for ...

Jypyä Pop on Prisoner
Removing the cage door is a good idea. Such a loss would be very sad.

Philnz on Washing up
Hard to get that bit there.

Philnz on Prisoner
How could you? what was his crime?

Ruthiebear on Prisoner
Oh dear!!! Pena does not look too unhappy, though!

L'Angevine on Washing up
marrante la langue

omid on Washing up
:) very nice portrait! Amazing & lovely!

Jypyä Pop on Washing up
Cleanliness is ... in this case, a lot of hair balls in the stomach.

Ruthiebear on Pena
Oh how sweet and calm

L'Angevine on Pena

Denny Jump Photo on Pena
This is wonderful, Ursulakatariina! We both (Barbara and I) LOVE this shot :-)

Devi on Pena
happy and contented !!!!!!

Jypyä Pop on Pena
Very valuable Mister.

Oiva on Pena
beautiful boy:-))))Haleja. Happy ST you and your boys!

B. Thomas on Pena
Beautiful shot of a beautiful cat.

Urszula on Pena
Beauty :)

Philnz on Pena
I'll take this bed you can sleep somewhere else.

L'Angevine on Oops, missed it
oh superbe ce jeu

Oiva on Oops, missed it
Pena is a good catcher! Plonk certainly capable of the same if gets there first ,good picture, !!:-))))Haleja. Happy ...

Denny Jump Photo on Oops, missed it
I Love this one :-) Beautiful Cats!!

Ruthiebear on Oops, missed it
Oh I love the looks on each of their faces!

Jypyä Pop on Oops, missed it
This, however, seems to be successful. Punkku is a little cryptic looking back there. I think that it makes you laugh, ...

L'Angevine on Good food
oh superbe ce tapis

Devi on Good food
what a pleasing image

Jypyä Pop on Good food
It is easy to see.

Oiva on Good food
What good they have cups when you feel that the food tastes! Leevi is a highly selective, sometimes does not taste ...

L'Angevine on Dance a little dance with me
oh marrante

Jypyä Pop on Dance a little dance with me
It seems that the boys are alive. A nice thing. Practicing in wrestling or tango?

Ruthiebear on Dance a little dance with me
How is the little one's eye? How fun to see them at play

Philnz on Dance a little dance with me
Great mates.

Francois Lagane on Dance a little dance with me
A true battle or game..

Devi on Dance a little dance with me
That is a great capture !! Superb action shot !!!!

L'Angevine on Next stop, the vet's office
oh bien les yeux

Oiva on Dance a little dance with me
Very nice picture certainly dancing tango! :-))))Haleja. Good weekend everyone!

Jypyä Pop on Next stop, the vet's office
Punkku was very brave. You can see, how peaceful he is.

Ruthiebear on Next stop, the vet's office
Please let us know how he is doing. Poor baby!

Oiva on Next stop, the vet's office
Oh Punkku I hope the doctor can fix, and gives a good remedy for inflamed eye! :-))))Haleja. However, a good weekend ...

L'Angevine on I think they'll need a bigger bed
oh marrant

Philnz on I think they'll need a bigger bed
I'll just push in.

Denny Jump Photo on I think they'll need a bigger bed
Oh My Heavens :-)

Jypyä Pop on I think they'll need a bigger bed
It might be a good idea. Of course, reposing Masters always come up with the means to rest even a little a smaller ...

Ruthiebear on I think they'll need a bigger bed
I like to see them share, but they may need more room.

Oiva on I think they'll need a bigger bed
Seems to be a bit small already! :-))))Haleja. Happy Thursday to you and boys!

Devi on I think they'll need a bigger bed
they certainly do..May be when you are away...they sneak into your room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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