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Black woodpecker
26 October 2014

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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on "Please, take it off!"
Not a happy look from him but he looks cute in the sweater.

B. Thomas on "Hey, come on, stop this!"
He looks so handsome all dressed up.

Jypyä Pop on "Please, take it off!"
Hey, Leevi does not mean anything like that... I think...

Jypyä Pop on "Hey, come on, stop this!"
Hey Pena. Also dressed in a cat can be a very fierce looking.

Ruthiebear on "Hey, come on, stop this!"
Oh how sweet he looks with his sweater to keep him extra warm. Did you make the sweater?

Devi on "Please, take it off!"
Yes..I can sense the discomfort !!!!

L'Angevine on "Please, take it off!"
oh superbe ces courbes

Jypyä Pop on "Please, take it off!"
Punkku, I understand you just fine. Although those colors really fit very comfortably ...Leevi said that to him is ...

ventisqueras on "Please, take it off!"
ha ha ha sembra proprio felice

Miukumaa on "Please, take it off!"
Beautiful sweater on a beautiful boy!

L'Angevine on Just a friendly play

Oiva on Just a friendly play
The boys seem very rauhallista:-))))Haleja. Happy day to you all.

Devi on Just a friendly play
how sweet and cute they look !! Your shots are remarkable Ursula !

B. Thomas on Just a friendly play
Mine play-fight all the time. It's fun to watch them.

Jypyä Pop on Just a friendly play
It's true. It's great when a guy does not need to be alone.

Shahin Bahremand on Just a friendly play
nicely done

Ruthiebear on Just a friendly play
YOur cats are so beautiful. Their color is so rich.

Hiro on Looking up
Haha, lovely !

Dimitrios on Looking up
superb frame**

L'Angevine on Looking up
oh excellent

Jypyä Pop on Looking up
Stunning front for the X-factor.

ventisqueras on Looking up
ma che micetto delizioso! deve sentirsi felice laggiù :-)

B. Thomas on Looking up
Sweet boy!

B. Thomas on "What, no more hats?"
Those eyes!!

B. Thomas on "Again?"
A cat in a hat!

Philnz on Looking up
I'm in deep here.

omid on Looking up
so cute! :) Amazing shot!

Ruthiebear on Looking up
I love this! It is magical

Devi on "What, no more hats?"
Lovely image !!!!

Oiva on "What, no more hats?"
A fine a picture of you in Pena:-))))Haleja. Happy day to you all.

Oiva on "Again?"
A fine hat :-)))) Haleja. Happy day to you all.

Jypyä Pop on "What, no more hats?"
Do not be sad. Yes Human invents something fun again.

L'Angevine on "What, no more hats?"
beau les yeux

Philnz on "What, no more hats?"
nice clear detail

Philnz on "Again?"
Lovely close-up.

Ruthiebear on "Again?"
He looks like Puss In Boots with that hat!!!!

Devi on "Again?" seem to cajole him into doing a nice fashion parade ! And he seems to enjoy!

Oiva on "Is there something on my head?"
If a cat could talk so be sure to say, could you please stop I'm not a geek:-))))Haleja. Happy weekend to you all.

L'Angevine on "Again?"

Jypyä Pop on "Again?"
Congratulations. That does not work with all the cats. The experience is.

Denny Jump Photo on "Again?"
My wife, Barbara and I reviewed some of the recent images that we have missed and are glad we did. The Piggy hat and ...

Miukumaa on "Again?"
Autumn fashion for cats!

Ruthiebear on "Is there something on my head?"
HAHAHA!!!! I am amazed he sat still without the piggies falling!!!!

L'Angevine on Going down
superbe cette descente

Devi on "Is there something on my head?"
Aw!! So cute ! How did you manage to make him stay quiet without throwing them down!!!

Jypyä Pop on "Is there something on my head?"
He he hee, good that you noticed. Cat is important to note all.

B. Thomas on "Is there something on my head?"
He does not look very happy about it. I bet those little pigs will not last long.

Miukumaa on "Is there something on my head?"
Nice hat

Devi on Going down little prince !!!!

Jypyä Pop on Going down
It is the adventurous cat.

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