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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

The Mouse on Evening by a lake
Just needs a point on the jetty, this way to the water!

The Mouse on Harbour
Looks busy, lovely shot

Devi on Harbour
Fantastic view with that lovely sky and clouds:)))

Langevine on Evening by a lake

Dimitrios on Harbour
COOL shot

Oiva on Harbour
Gorgeous picture! :-)))))))) Haleja. Beautiful and sunny day, both of you! ps: At least heat of is enough

Jypyä Pop on Harbour
Fine view.

Uistnomad on Evening by a lake
A nice peaceful evening

Devi on Evening by a lake
Lovely view !! Who wouldn't want to walk over and sit there enjoying the quiet!!!!

Dimitrios on Evening by a lake
mmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely

Langevine on Old church

Oiva on Evening by a lake
Beautiful view of the lake! Does the blue-green algae, which ruining swimming possibilities! :-)))) Haleja Silly Happy ...

Jypyä Pop on Evening by a lake
The image shows a nice atmosphere. The pier is at a suitable height josa would like to even dip your toes in the water. ...

Jypyä Pop on Old church
Beautiful old curch

The Mouse on Old church
Lovely building, cracking shot with that blue blue sky

Devi on Old church
It looks elegant...more than 400 years old!!! Lovely image!!

Langevine on Floating Trunks
oh amusant

Oiva on Old church
A beautiful church, a nice picture of it!:-)))))Haleja. Happy New week ,for both of you!

The Mouse on Floating Trunks
Unusual and interesting

Ann on Floating Trunks
What a fun scene!

Devi on Floating Trunks
What an attractive display here !!! Looks as if hats are sporting trees !!!! Wonderful image...Thank you or sharing:)

Langevine on Spicy...

Oiva on Floating Trunks
Oops, I did not notice this yesterday when we were in Pori, a stunning picture! Thank you for yesterday was a lot of ...

Uistnomad on Floating Trunks
A colourful forest - nice shot

Jypyä Pop on Floating Trunks
All kinds of things will come up in Pori, Finland.

Oiva on Spicy...
Oh, what a small, but certainly fiery. be careful! :-))) Haleja. Happy weekend ,for both of you!

Devi on Spicy...
Wow !! That looks great and ready to be plucked:)))))))))))))))))))))awesome image here !!!

♡ Isa ♡ ♡ ♡ on Spicy...
Tres jolie prise de vue...

Langevine on Sleeping beauty

Jypyä Pop on Spicy...
Something hot coming up?

Uistnomad on Sleeping beauty
Lovely photo

Bruce on Sleeping beauty
I like the almost heart her neck makes - ok I have an imagination. Great photo.

Ruthiebear on Sleeping beauty
SO graceful and lovely - I also love the warm light

Devi on Sleeping beauty
Wonderful... and dreaming of something nice !!!

Langevine on In the middle of the city...
belle lumière

Jypyä Pop on Sleeping beauty
It thinks something important.

Bruce on In the middle of the city...
Great photo of the city I can hear the birds in the trees.

Ruthiebear on In the middle of the city...
What a delightful break from city sights. I love the lush greens on the side of the road. Lovely

Oiva on Little suns
Beautiful a bouquet of daisy:-))))))))))))))))))))))Haleja.

Oiva on In the middle of the city...
New City is a beautiful city, especially the old Houses made of wood! A nice picture! :-)))))Haleja. Happy Thursday ...

Jypyä Pop on In the middle of the city...
Here we see the industry in western Finland the fierce heart rate. Such places should be in all cities. Under the foot ...

Devi on In the middle of the city...
Yes Ursula.. a treat for the eyes I am sure to take the glance away from the concrete and metal monsters !!!!

Dimitrios on In the middle of the city...
A nice PoV

Langevine on Little suns

Uistnomad on Little suns
Nice picture

The Mouse on Little suns
Lovely bright shot.

Ruthiebear on Little suns
I love how they are lifting their faces up towards the light! This made me smile!

Jeff & Pat on Little suns
And all facing The Sun, nice one Uk . ;>)

Shaahin Bahremand on Little suns
great shot 5*

Dimitrios on Little suns

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