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Black woodpecker
26 October 2014

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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Observatory
Really beautiful - love the lights especially

L'Angevine on Help me!
oh le pauvre

Oiva on Observatory
Wow, it is so beautiful this Turku!:-))))Haleja. Happy Wednesday to you and Pena!

Devi on Observatory
Bathed in moonlight.....Lovely image :)

Jypyä Pop on Observatory
Handsome view.

B. Thomas on Help me!
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Denny Jump Photo on Help me!
Pena appears to be just a bit "miffed" as we might other words "mad"

Ruthiebear on Help me!
Pena was very well behaved while getting checked. Adorable as always. Happy ST!

Bruce on Help me!
Happy Silly Tuesday. Glad for the explanation - was getting worried. :) Nice photo - and great job of putting ...

Dimitrios on Help me!
oh dear! 3 times!!!

L'Angevine on EX1

Oiva on Help me!
Pena wretch, certainly scared when you look just like the strange man to strangle by the throat!:-)))Haleja. Happy ST ...

Jypyä Pop on Help me!
Endure, Pena. It is only a fraction of the hard life.

Denny Jump Photo on EX1
Congratulations to you and Pena and welcome to your new home and city of Turku... think I know some people there from ...

Oiva on EX1
Handsome is a rosette! Good luck Pena!:-))))HALEJA Happy new week ,to you and Pena!

Ruthiebear on EX1
COngrats to Pena! Be a proud parent

Chetan on EX1
Congrats... A gr8 moment.

Dimitrios on EX1

Devi on EX1
Congrats Pena!!!!!

L'Angevine on Another view
bien avec ce moulin

Jypyä Pop on EX1
Without papers, I know that Pena is a good guy.

Ruthiebear on Another view
I like seeing a windmill! Enjoy your new home

Oiva on Another view
Beautiful landscape!:-))))HALEJA Congratulations to to her new home!

Oiva on New home, new view
Welcome to turku back! Can I borrow your sometimes your window and describe them, gorgeous scenery!:-))))HALEJA.

Jypyä Pop on Another view
Nice view

Devi on Another view
I love the windmill blades!!A shot of the sun behind that would look awesome!

L'Angevine on New home, new view

Philnz on New home, new view
Great you will have lots of new things to take photos of. Hope you like your new home and job. Nice to see you back.

Ruthiebear on New home, new view
Welcome back - I missed you!!!! The little cows are settled nicely here. A nice view for your new place.

Jypyä Pop on New home, new view
Welcome back Aminus world. It is well-known village is nicely visible.

Dimitrios on New home, new view
well done Turku will be fun*****

Devi on New home, new view
welcome back Ursula...Lovely to see you.. and that's a nice view...a horizon dotted with interesting structures! ...

Ruthiebear on Happy Valentine's Day
WHere are you, my friend?? I miss you!!

Curly on Happy Valentine's Day
Thank you for your continuing support, I will be back posting pictures from tomorrow. I feel like I've found ...

The Mouse on Happy Valentine's Day
Very romantic set, 50 shades of gnome?

Dimitrios on Happy Valentine's Day

L'Angevine on Happy Valentine's Day
oh belle tendresse

Philnz on Happy Valentine's Day
You have gone to a lot of trouble to set this up and it works well. I hope they will be very happy.

Ruthiebear on Happy Valentine's Day
Lovely! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU I am happy to know you here on AM3

Denny Jump Photo on Happy Valentine's Day
Oh now THIS is totally Cute! :-) Great job, Ursulakatariina! :-) Happy Valentine's Day :-)

Claudiel on Happy Valentine's Day
it seems a dream

Claudiel on Oil and water 6
very beautiful picture

Jypyä Pop on Happy Valentine's Day
Very suitable image on this day. Happy and fun Valentine's Day.

Oiva on Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's day to you and Pena!:-))))Haleja.

Steven on Oil and water 6
Incredible creativity with gorgeous colors!! Looks like a galaxy far far away. :-)

L'Angevine on Oil and water 6
toujours dans cette sensation que je suis dans la galaxie

Ruthiebear on Oil and water 6
Outer space invades! Lovely and creative

Jeff & Pat on Oil and water 6
A Fantastical series Uk, we just love it ...

Tataze on Oil and water 6
très beau tableau haut en couleurs. très belle composition

Devi on Oil and water 6
stars and planets...brilliant !

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