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Black woodpecker
26 October 2014

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8 December 2013

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21 October 2013

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Lake view
29 December 2012

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Boat with some snow
23 December 2012

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Earless mouse
30 October 2012

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29 October 2011

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Black and blue
14 September 2011

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And then came the snow
28 November 2010

Recent Comments

Oiva on Little lion
You is Punkku you are so handsome, gorgeous beard:-))))Haleja. Happy day to you and all your.

L'Angevine on Little lion
bien perché

Jypyä Pop on Little lion
Good morning, Your Majesty.

Ruthiebear on "Get up, and feed me!"
those eyes again! they are mesmerizing. Happy ST!

L'Angevine on "Get up, and feed me!"
superbe les yeux

Oiva on "Get up, and feed me!"
Pena seems to be hungry, give food soon, otherwise the couch gets the clutches of the more scratches:-))))Haleja. ...

Jypyä Pop on "Get up, and feed me!"
Looking serious, that is, it is now toasi question. Food and fast ...

Denny Jump Photo on "Get up, and feed me!"
What a funny and cute look here! I love it;-) I also like what my friend Barbara has to say ;-)

B. Thomas on "Get up, and feed me!"
I know that look. I get it from Blackie all the time. The kittens are keeping me so busy, and are hard to photograph ...

B. Thomas on Search for a hidden treasure
They look like they are having fun together. I'm slowly introducing Blackie to his new little brothers.

Oiva on Search for a hidden treasure
I hope find something good:-))))HALEJA. Happy new weeks to you all.

L'Angevine on Search for a hidden treasure
bien cette fouille

Jypyä Pop on Search for a hidden treasure
Can I keep the discoverer?

Ruthiebear on Search for a hidden treasure
DId you hide it for them to find? Or are they just hoping there is a treasure? Cute action here.

Oiva on "Yummyyyyy"
Pena and Artist are good friends, and they certainly had fun when you got to play together.:-))))Haleja. Happy Sunday ...

Devi on "Yummyyyyy"
:)))))))))))))))))))Quick...drop it and take away your fingers !

Jypyä Pop on "Yummyyyyy"
Pena is the exact moment. That there is no careful, may have to taste their fingers.

Philnz on "Yummyyyyy"
Watch you fingers

B. Thomas on "Yummyyyyy"
Hi Ursula. You aren't going to believe this. After meeting the kittens and trying for 5 days to choose one, we ...

Ruthiebear on Beautiful eyes
a perfect title. I have a rug on my family room and the name of the pattern is cat eyes. These lovely eyes remind me ...

Devi on Beautiful eyes
yes lovely grapes...marbles....

Oiva on Beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes and gorgeous collar, Punkku is so nice looking :-)))) Haleja. Happy weekend to you all.

Jypyä Pop on Beautiful eyes
Yes, they are very nice looking.

Denny Jump Photo on Beautiful eyes
Oh Barbara and I chose this one for image of the year :-) What a beautiful shot / Beautiful cat/ and I can just see ...

Philnz on Beautiful eyes
The eyes are nice but I like the whiskers. They tell me that they are as wide as their body, so if they fit though the ...

L'Angevine on My love

Ruthiebear on My love
His furry ruff around his neck is so regal looking!

Oiva on My love
Oii Punkku is so handsome tomcat and is noticed by its self ! Know how to be a model finely.:-))))Haleja. Happy ...

Devi on My love
what a cute little lion here !

B. Thomas on My love
Beautiful! He looks so much like the father of the litter we choose from tomorrow. I got to meet him and their mother ...

Jypyä Pop on My love
Almost like little lion, but friendly-looking.

Ruthiebear on My love
WHo could resist those beautiful eyes?

Jypyä Pop on My love
That gaze ensures that any good thing.

Philnz on My love
Your cats are so well loved. I know you spoil them.

B. Thomas on My love

Ruthiebear on "This is so good"
Love seeing his pink tongue in the bowl!

Devi on "This is so good"
GIVE HIM MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Oiva on "This is so good"
The water is good and yes kitty to keep the cream at least in the evenings Leevi gets a small amount of cream, which is ...

MEC on "This is so good"
Beautiful portrait!

Jypyä Pop on "This is so good"
True, a small drink is never out of place.

Ruthiebear on Eaters
What a great idea to feed them on a stainless steel countertop! SO much easier to clean. Pena seems like he is ...

Devi on Eaters
aw!! Who's he threatening !!!

Jypyä Pop on Eaters
Lords is the food right at the table. It seems that they also have a little table manners

Oiva on Eaters
It seems that both are allowed to eat in peace. It is much better than if you had to constantly hold on to another, ...

omid on Eaters
so cute! :) Lovely!

L'Angevine on Eaters

Denny Jump Photo on Eaters
One looks kind of angry :-)...Grat shot!

Philnz on Eaters
Do they steal from each other?

Ruthiebear on Perfect landing
This is a fabulous stop action image

B. Thomas on Perfect landing
Great action shot. We met the kittens yesterday. ;-) We narrowed it down to two but it was too hard to choose. We think ...

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