Beasts in the wild (almost)

Posted by ursulakatariina (Turku, Finland) on 24 September 2016 in Animal & Insect.

Day 265 of the 365+1 days of their lives project.


Nice to see you! I hope you enjoy seeing what I saw earlier.
Please, leave a comment so I know you have been here.

I got a colour spotlight, see it here.

Please read this.

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Nice to see them enjoy the great outdoors. We have had the little guys in their harness and on the leash but so far only for safety to go to the vet for shots and check up.

Some breeders say to keep them inside always, and that to take them out only makes them want to be out more and they might escape and be hurt or lost. I can see that point of view, but we still think we would like to be able to enjoy the outdoors with them sometimes. For now they seem very happy and content inside with us but we will probably go out soon.

24 Sep 2016 9:44pm


Motorola Moto G (4)
1/102 second
ISO 64
5 mm


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